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Packaging Management Program

SupplyOne’s Managed Services Program at Work.

The cabinet making division of the world’s largest manufacturers of brand-name consumer products for home and family approached SupplyOne with a unique problem. Their assembly lines were not receiving the proper corrugated cartons on time, therefore holding up production and costing them thousands of dollars in down time and late shipments to their customers.

Solution? – SupplyOne’s Managed Services Program.

Using our consultative approach to providing packaging solutions, our certified packaging representative, manufacturing and warehouse team analyzed how corrugated cartons were supplied to the customer’s production lines.  As a result a SupplyOne employee now operates on-site at the customer’s production facility to manage the sequencing of cartons. This ensures that the customer’s various production line receives the right cartons at the right time, virtually eliminating product based downtime and late shipments. In addition, with our packaging expert on-site at the customer’s location managing their packaging requirements, we  identified that  a re-design of the customer’s packaging not only save them money, but provide an innovative carton to better protect their product when being shipped.

SupplyOne’s Managed Services at work… just another reason we are the “Leader in Packaging Solutions”.


Bill Leith

Bill Leith

President and CEO

"Our pledge is to provide our customers with innovative packaging that protects and presents their products to their customers in the best way possible"