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Packaging Management Program


SupplyOne provides a host of services developed to address fundamental issues facing our customers every day. We are dedicated to helping our customers lower their total cost of procurement through improved efficiency, better design to maximize their packaging dollars, and enhanced productivity, while providing the best customer experience ever.

Our services include:

  • Local certified packaging professionals who know your industry
  • Packaging Assessments
  • Stocking and inventory management
  • Custom barcoding to your specifications
  • On line ordering and inventory management s/b Online
  • Custom packaging combinations
  • Packaging fulfillment
  • Quick turnaround on special orders
  • Structural and graphic design capabilities
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Contract packaging
  • Kitting
  • Dependable delivery
  • Custom billing
  • Product specification
  • On-site management
  • Logistics services
  • Energy Reduction Services (ERS)
  • Equipment parts and service

Through our affiliation with AFFLINK, a national e-commerce marketing organization, SupplyOne can help multi-unit customers realize significant savings in product costs through the convenience and efficiencies of advanced e-commerce capabilities, centralized billing, and national distribution system.

Packaging Assessments

Exclusive to SupplyOne, Packaging Assessments provide a comprehensive analysis of your total packaging related spend and highlight redundancies and opportunities to streamline for improved profitability. Our Assessments thoroughly examine your packaging components, track your product movement, and analyze your shipping processes, resulting in the identification of areas where you can realize significant savings.

This complimentary service is the single most significant way to quickly take control of your expenses related to manufacturing and inventory and reduce your total packaging costs by an average of 10-30%.

In addition, our experts provide you with insights to better leverage the supply chain to become an even more effective marketplace competitor in your industry.

Just in Time Partnerships

As a pioneer in Just-In-Time (JIT) partnerships, we assist customers with the stocking and maintenance of inventory, saving customers valuable warehouse space for revenue generation, thus reducing your onsite inventory levels and carrying costs.

We can custom barcode your orders for quick and accurate product identification ensuring you get what you need, when you need it.

State of the Art Cad Technology

Are you sure you are getting the most out of your packaging design? Our highly trained technicians can prototype a variety of pre-production design executions using the latest CAD technology to ensure your final packaging solutions meet your precise specifications for both performance and cost.

We will custom-design and manufacture every packaging component in, on, and around the box—and supply the quality packaging supplies you need to close and protect your product for shipment.

On-Line Ordering and Inventory Management

You can save time and money by utilizing our 1Online web-based e-procurement solution or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) computer software system. Through either type of partnering, you can reduce your paperwork and minimize unnecessary delays.

Our online ordering solution, 1Online, gives you the convenience and ease of a "one stop shop" for placing orders. You have the added convenience of browsing your customized electronic catalog 24 hours a day. With 1Online you get real time inventory availability and thorough product descriptions that make your selection process simple.

1Online will help to reduce paperwork and delays as well as ensure accuracy when processing your orders. This powerful tool helps you to maintain control and reduce expenses by offering a list of options including; budgets – control and approval, online reporting, order tracking and more!

Custom Packaging Combinations

From lightweight protection to heavyweight cushioning, we protect your package from production to marketplace with cost-effective, high performance cushioning products. We will creatively combine materials such as corrugated, foam, wood, plastics and metal to ensure your product gets to your customer in perfect condition. We have the ability to do this all under one roof which increases service levels and decreases turnaround times. We also perform kitting and product fulfillment based on any or all of your packaging needs.

Electro-Static-Free Packaging

We are the recognized leader in package protection for the electronics industry. This includes product movement from in-house materials handling to ultimate shipment to your customer. We can die-cut and manufacture static-dissipative and conductive corrugated and plastic containers, foam inserts and trays, vacuum-formed trays and clamshells.

On-Time Delivery

We appreciate the need for timely delivery of your packaging and maintenance supplies and equipment. That's why we offer fast local delivery utilizing our own fleet of vehicles and same day/next day delivery using common carriers or other premium delivery services. Whatever it takes, we'll deliver what you need when you need it.

Responsive Repair Service

Whether you purchased your packaging equipment from us or someone else - our factory-trained technicians are on call to service and repair any packaging machine. Their prompt response increases your uptime and protects your bottom line.

Logistics Services

Our shipping and logistics expertise is second to none. With bundled shipments scheduled to maximize efficiency, we will ensure on-time deliveries anywhere in North America. Have unique requirements to deliver to multiple locations? We have the experience and expertise to handle it professionally and efficiently to free you up to focus on your core business needs. Be sure to ask us about some of the unique solutions we have provided our customers.

Energy Reduction Services

Energy Reduction Services (ERS) was born out of SupplyOne’s commitment to the environment and to vet every opportunity to improve our customers’ profitability.  One of the most significant contributors to your operating expenses is energy consumption.  One look at your energy bill and you’ll agree – it’s a lion that can use some taming!

Through our partnerships with innovative lighting and refrigerator control technology providers, including ORION Energy, XELEUM Lighting, and Wireless Energy Solutions/ ENDOCUBE, we have a track record of reducing energy costs for lighting alone by 50%-80%. Our custom designed solutions for your commercial and industrial applications include the latest in high efficient T8 and T5 Fluorescent technology, LED, Wireless Motion Sensors, Ambient Light Sensors, and Daylight Harvesting technology.

Additionally, energy management is a standout Green Strategy for companies with a commitment to sustainability. Lighting related energy reduction alone can reduce a company’s carbon footprint by 30% or more.

Equipment Service & Parts

SupplyOne’s certified factory trained technicians provide outstanding, reliable, service and parts for your packaging equipment. Our service professionals understand that predictable, uninterrupted throughput is essential to your productivity...and profit.  By reducing down time and increasing productivity, our goal is to continually lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We guarantee our service, and you can depend on us when your business demands require equipment upgrades, retro-fits and modifications.